A Booster Pack is a sealed package of random Exodus TCG cards, designed to add to a player's collection.


Each booster pack contains 5 cards (3 Commons, 1 Uncommon, and 1 Foil [Uncommon or higher]).


A single booster pack costs about $3.50 USD each, but can vary depending on the shop.

Unlike other TCGs and CCGs, the rarest cards in packs are not searchable due to there being a Foil in every pack.

Booster Sets

Currently, there are two booster sets for Exodus Trading Card Game.

Purchasing Tips

  • Buy as many packs as you can afford. Make sure that all of the packs are from the same set to increase your chances of getting cards that work well together.
  • Booster Boxes contain 12 booster packs and are considered the best value for your money as they come with 2 bonus Box Toppers and are at a very affordable price point.
  • Booster Cases come with 12 Booster Boxes and a guaranteed amount of Secret Rares. While expensive; this is a great way to get into a new set and be the first to get your hands on extremely rare cards like Secret Rares and Harmony Rares.
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