Card rarities in Exodus are found on the top left of a card. This is used primarily for identification of value or card strength, and also indicates quantity of cards in expansion sets. There are four different rarities in the Exodus Trading Card Game. These are:

Common (indicated by 1 star): The most widely available card in the game.

Uncommon (indicated by 2 stars): Less likely to appear in boosters than Common cards, these are nonetheless fairly easy to acquire.

Rare (indicated by 3 stars): These cards are far nore difficult to acquire than other cards.

Secret Rare (Indicated by 3 stars as well as 'SR' printed in the top left hand corner): These are usually special cover or promo cards. An example would be 'Efil the Everlasting Empress', the Secret Rare card topper of sealed Galaxy Tides booster boxes.

Rarity also has a bearing on Card Effects, as certain cards target cards with higher or lower rarities, notably in the Battleship and Drangel decks, with Battleship Philistia's ability returning an energy to the opponent's hand if a Common card destroys an opposing creature, and Drangel gives an additional energy to Common Angel or Dragon that attacks a rare card during Battle.

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