Card types are a characteristic of each card in the Exodus Trading Card Game.


The card types determine the various abilities that a card may have or how they are used (ex: Summon, or Activate).

Currently, there are 3 main card types:

When viewing the front side of a card, each card in the game has one of these card types printed on their card type line. In the case of Creature cards, they will have an additional Subtype printed on their type line to classify exactly which type(s) of creature the card is.



Card abilities often refer to card types. For example: Blessing's effect says "Take one energy from your Energy Deck and add it to any creature in play". This ability mentions the card type of creature specifically, which covers any variation or Subtype such as Dragon or Angel.

Card type is always the first thing printed in the top right corner of a card above the Rarity stars. It always comes before the "—" which appears before any Subtype(s).

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