Energy Cards are one of the three types of cards in the Exodus Trading Card Game. They are not placed in the Main Deck, but instead have a separate deck called the Energy Deck. Energy cards are drawn to the hand alongside cards from the Main Deck during play before they are played to the field.

Energy cards function as the strength of Creatures that are summoned to the field. A Drifter plays up to three Energy to the field in a 'Pile' during their Energy Phase, before they place a creature on top, though this does not have to be done on the same turn. During the Energy Phase, Drifters may move 'free' Energy cards (those not attached to a Creature), although they may not place Energy to make a Pile larger than three. If a Drifter places a Creature on a Pile of Energy, the Energy Phase is over and the player cannot move Energy until the next turn, unless otherwise stated by a Card Effect.

In certain instances, Energy cards are also discarded or removed from Creatures to pay for the cost of a Symmetry or Card Effect.