What is Exodus?

Exodus is a trading card game that uses special decks of cards. In the game, players are known as Drifters, powerful humans who have the ability to fly and drift through portals from one landscape of Eeventide to the next. As they travel and explore these landscapes, players use their decks to wage battle against other Drifters by summoning massive creatures to fight for them!


The Exodus Trading Card Game is a collectible strategy game that uses cards to bring the action to the table. Each deck is totally unique to the game. These decks are fully customizable as new cards and sets will be added through future expansions, making it one of the best new games for kids and adults. In collectible trading card games such as Exodus, players can pick and choose their favorite cards to use for their deck. This is accomplished through the means of deck-building. Aside from just finding and using your favorite cards, another important factor in deck-building is strategy. Picking cards that work well in conjunction with the rest of your deck is the key to expanding on strategic game-play and finding new ways to win. The task of deck-building can be made easier by trading cards with friends or by simply buying new packs.

Exclusive, breathtaking artwork is featured on each individual card, whether it depicts a fantastical creature or a beautiful landscape with a mesmerizing design. Since each player starts with only 10 Life Points, games go fast and dueling with your friends has never been so exhilarating!